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Effortless way to build connections and land jobs.

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

With networking and building connections, rejection is part of the status quo. Sometimes you might not receive a response when you are trying to connect with an individual who does not know you. From the connection's point of view, it feels like there is a hidden agenda- wondering if the sender is trying is to get something out of them with no benefit in return. Wouldn't it be easier to build connections with people who also want something from you?

That's what career fairs are for! One of my first jobs out of university was at a career fair. I went into the fair armed with my resume. I searched around for companies I was interested in and I spoke to their representatives. While I did not get a job on the spot, I got a few connections. I followed up with them and the rest was history. Three weeks later, I landed a job!

That's what career fairs offer. They offer a chance to connect with individuals who also want to connect with you. It is a win, win situation. Even though you might or might not get a job out of it (some do interviews right on the post!) you might land a connection that can get you closer to your dream career.


The Female Settler has curated a list of upcoming career fairs in Canada. Do not miss the opportunity to plan your next career move. Just make sure you bring your resume and come prepared for an interview right on the spot. Good luck and subscribe below to keep abreast of our latest content.

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