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Unlocking Free Money: A Guide to free student funding in Alberta, Canada

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Are you a female settler in Alberta who is currently pursuing or planning to attend post-secondary education on a full-time basis? If so, you're in luck! In this blog post, we will explore the various grants the Alberta Government offers that can provide valuable financial support during your educational journey. From the Alberta Grant for full-time (FT) students to grants for students with disabilities, we've got you covered. So, let's dive in and discover the free money available!

Alberta Grant for FT Students:

The Alberta Grant for FT students is the first grant we'll explore. This grant offers an impressive $5,200 per year and is specifically designed for students not eligible for the Canada Student Grant for FT students. To qualify for this grant, you must be a resident of Alberta, demonstrate financial need (expenses exceeding income), be enrolled as a full-time student, and meet the family income threshold. Don't worry; we've covered you with the income threshold chart, determining whether you receive the total amount.

Alberta Student Aid family income threshold chart

Grants for Students with Disabilities:

In addition to the Alberta Grant for FT students, Alberta also provides grants for students with disabilities. If you have a disability, you could be eligible to receive up to $3,000 per year to cover expenses related to services, equipment, and other disability-related costs. It's important to note that this grant is applicable only if you do not meet the criteria for the Canada Student Grant for services and equipment for students with disabilities. Remember to keep your receipts handy, as you may need to provide documentation of how the grant funds were used. And, be cautious not to overspend, as any unused amounts must be returned.

Alberta Student Grants vs. Canada Student Grants:

While Alberta offers student grants, it's essential to consider the implications of eligibility for the Canada Student Grants. In some cases, if you qualify for the Canada Student Grants, you may not be eligible for the Alberta grants. Moreover, Alberta's grant amounts are typically lower than federal grants. However, suppose you find yourself in Alberta and meet the requirements for most of the Canada FT grants. In that case, you still have the opportunity to receive a significant portion of your education expenses covered, potentially up to $13,100, depending on your household income.

Exploring Grants in Other Generous Provinces:

If you're eager to uncover more sources of free funding, especially if you are not committed to a province yet, consider exploring grants offered in other generous provinces. By becoming a resident of these provinces, you may have access to additional financial support to aid your educational pursuits. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog posts, where we will break down the free grant opportunities available in these provinces.

To Conclude

As an immigrant woman pursuing or planning to attend post-secondary education in Alberta, numerous grants can provide you with invaluable financial assistance. From the Alberta Grant for FT students to grants for students with disabilities, these funding opportunities can help alleviate the financial burden associated with education. Remember to maximize your support by exploring your eligibility for both Alberta and Canada Student Grants. So, don't miss out on these opportunities; take advantage of the free money available and embark on a successful educational journey!

Disclaimer: Grant amounts and eligibility criteria are subject to change. Please verify the most up-to-date information from official sources.

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