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Land that dream job in eight steps

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Welcome to the FS community, your resources for education, financial and career opportunities to integrate and thrive in Canada.

Being in the job market and experimenting with job applications before moving fully into entrepreneurship, I found the formula for landing the perfect job. Today, I want to share the formula with you. While there is no perfect system and job application processes differ in industries and organizations, these steps helped me land consistent interviews and offers.

So you saw that dream job posting and based on the job description, you are qualified. What's next?

Get a Referral

Get a referral by networking strategically. Check out my piece on how to network the right way. While a referral will not guarantee you the job, your application has a better chance of being noticed by the hiring manager/committee which is half the battle.

Write a Concise Cover Letter

Address the Cover Letter to an actual person

Copy and paste the job responsibilities into your resume

Submit your application directly to the organization

Send an email to the Hiring Manager

If you get a call back or email for an interview, Focus on the actions you can control.

Prepare according to the technicality of the job

The way an accountant would prepare for an interview would be different from a programmer. Don't spend too much time going through behavioural & situational questions as they can never fully prepare you for the interview. There are usually surprise questions that tend to throw you off. My preferred method is to research the company, the department, trends in the company and industry, how the job aligns to the department and organizational goals. Focus on 5 stories you can bring from your previous work experience and skills and figure out how you can tie that into the job responsibilities. As long as you can narrate your stories in the STAR format-situation, task, action, results, you are good to go.

Determine how much time to spend on an interview assignment


Once you complete the interview stage, pat yourself at the back, take a breather and move on. You did an amazing job. Remember that the only truly amazing dream job is the one you create for yourself. There are other countless amazing opportunities out there. Move on to the next one and complete the process again until you sign that offer!

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