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Your Guide to Federal Student Grants in Canada

Welcome to the FS community, your resource for education, financial and career opportunities to integrate and thrive in Canada.

As a female settler in Canada, getting that dream job usually comes with post-secondary requirements. Even if you have the skills and work experience, the college or university certificate is typically a gatekeeper when submitting job applications. And don't get me started on how Canadian employers sometimes don't consider degrees or certifications from other countries. Hence, you might need to return to school to get ahead. This also applies when you are switching professions.

As a permanent resident or Canadian citizen, there are numerous ways to fund your education, the most popular being student loans. But what if you could fund most/if not all, of your education with Government Grants?

This post will highlight federal grants available to fund your education as a full-time student. If you are thinking about attending in the immediate future or accessing more funding now, learn all you need to know about Canada's Student Assistance program for full-time students.


Canada Student Grant for Full-time Students and Skills Boost Funding

With this grant, you could receive up to $6000 annually as an undergraduate student. The amount of money you get is prorated by your family income, as shown in the chart.

The funding amount might change after 2023 to the original amount of $3000 per school year. So take advantage of the increased funding as soon as possible.

If you qualify for the Canada Student Grant for Full-time Students, you will be assessed for the skills boost funding. This is an additional grant of $1600 for students who have been out of high school for over ten years. This grant is not prorated and is only available till 2023.

For both grants, you must have financial need (more expenses than income), must be a full-time student in undergraduate studies, and your family income has to meet the income threshold.

Canada Student Grants for Full-time Students with Dependents

As the name implies, you must have a dependant along with the other requirements-financial need, be a full-time student and meet the family income threshold (above) for this grant. Students in graduate studies are also eligible. A dependant is anyone under 12 or over 12 years old with a permanent disability.

If you qualify for this grant, you could receive up to $3,200 per year per dependant. The amount given is prorated based on your family's income. These amounts might reduce after 2023.

Canada Student Grant for Students with Disabilities

This is a $4000 grant for students with a disability (you must have a disability with documentation recognized by the Canada Student Financial Assistance). To receive the grant, you must also be a full-time undergraduate or graduate program student. If you qualify, you get $4000 annually until 2023, when the funding might revert to its original amount of $2000.


Depending on your situation, you could receive up to $13,900 in federal government grants in 2023. This amount is separate from provincial grants that you might be eligible for.

Please note that these grants are unavailable to Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Quebec residents. For more information, check out the list of grants on the Female Settler website.

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