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Application Process
Council of Caribbean Association Canada Bursary Program
The Bursary program is to encourage and assist youth from Caribbean countries who are currently resident in Ontario to pursue their educational goals at the university or college level. n 2021, eight (8) bursaries will be awarded. Six (6) sponsored by Grace Foods Canada Inc., one of Canada’s leading suppliers of Ethnic Foods, and Canada’s top brand for Caribbean Food & Drink; and two (2) “Loved Ones” Bursaries. The Loved Ones Bursaries are named in honour of individuals who are being recognized for their contribution to the CCAC and/or the Caribbean Community and. This year’s Loved Ones’ Bursaries are in honour of Gideon Exeter and Elroy Joseph. The value of each bursary is CDN $1,000.00 and is to be used towards full courses of study leading to a first diploma or first degree.
Haywood Hunt Annual Scholarship
Haywood | Hunt & Associates Inc. is proud to announce our 4th annual Scholarship Program for the 2021-2022 school year! This scholarship is available to Canadian students, and the chosen student will be awarded $1,250 grant towards their education!Writing Project: On a website, blog or online forum, write a 500-1000 word post that expresses your ideas about how “The Internet and Social Media have changed the way that Police and Law Enforcement investigate crimes. From finding felons on Facebook to thwarting thugs on Twitter, please list your top 5 most effective ways that law enforcement has embraced the Internet and social media to fight crime.” Evaluation Criteria: The winning post must be creative, express your ideas and thoughts clearly and concisely and above all impress our judges!
ERA Scholarship 2021
ERA likes to get the community involved in many ways throughout the year. This competition gives students the opportunity to gain experience, build their resume, and if they are motivated enough to win this scholarship, would be a great help financially with schooling. We need you to come up with a marketing plan and host an e-waste collection event in your area. You will manage every detail of this event from the planning and promoting to the execution! We want to see how creative students can get with marketing the event and reaching out to your community and local businesses to ensure the event is well attended. How will you implement your ideas to raise awareness and get your networks involved? After you have followed through with the event, the team at ERA will evaluate your work after the deadline and pick the winner!
The RBC Future Launch Scholarship
Join a coding boot camp, learn French, enroll in a cosmetology course – You decide! The RBC Future Launch Scholarship could help you take your next step towards a better job. This Scholarship is for anyone from 15 to 29 who wants to learn something new… Could $1,500 make you more future ready? Apply today.
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