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Dick Shaw Memorial Scholarship

The scholarship will be awarded to a full-time student attending a college or university in Canada (including Yukon and North West Territories) who is studying a subject with some relevance to the non-military use of explosives or blasting (e.g. mining, civil, or chemical engineering; geology; seismic exploration; avalanche control; blasting physics). We are flexible about the subject providing the applicant has an interest in pursuing a career that could involve blasting. Studies may be at any level (i.e. certificate, diploma, bachelors, masters, or doctorate). The applicant does not need to have any link to the Chapter or explosives industry and does not need to come from Western Canada. Also eligible would be a student who has been studying in Canada but is in the process of transferring elsewhere (e.g. moving to U of M Rolla, South Dakota, or Montana Tech.) providing the subject is very relevant to explosives or blasting. Again, we are not particularly interested in the student's GPA, but he or she must be in good standing. Candidates leaving high school and moving directly to further studies are also eligible.

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