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DSA Scholarship Program

Every year, our Scholarship Program awards a total of $16,000 to eligible post-secondary students with ties to the direct selling industry, to help them advance their post-secondary education.

The Scholarship Program helps to raise awareness of the direct selling model both with students and academia. It consists of six $2,000 scholarships awarded to eligible children or grandchildren of active independent sales consultants (ISCs) of DSA Canada member companies or ISCs who themselves are students. It also awards one $2,000 scholarship to an eligible child of a DSA Canada member company employee. Additionally, two $1,000 grants are also awarded to the academic institution of the top two scholarship recipients.

These scholarships are made possible by funding from the DSA and leadership of the Direct Selling Education Foundation of Canada (DSEF). Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of the impact direct selling has had on their life, academic performance, faculty recommendation, extracurricular activities/community involvement and employment experience.

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