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How to Apply for Scholarships

Updated: Jul 10, 2022

Hi, Female Settlers!

Welcome to the FS community; your advice for education, personal finances, financial aid and career opportunities for integrating and thriving in Canada.

One thing I regret while completing my undergrad was not taking advantage of the scholarships available to me. I missed out on so much money just because I did not know what was out there, and partly my university did not do a great job of advertising those opportunities to me. When I became a Financial Aid Advisor, I realized how many scholarships were out there, and I encouraged many students to apply for as many as possible.

The Female Settler has a repository of scholarships from across the country. I encourage you to check the page regularly as we keep adding to the list. Who knows how much you are leaving on the table. Here is how to apply for scholarships through our website.

Step One- Go to the Female Settler website.

Go to, scroll to “Education,” and click on “Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries.” On this page, we have our list of various scholarships across Canada, and for each scholarship, you can see the “Title,” “Amount,” “Deadline,” “Details,” and “Application Process.”

Step Two- Click on the link under "Application Process."

That will bring you to the organization's website, which owns the scholarship. On this page, you will find lots of information about the scholarship, including the selection criteria. Make sure you meet all the essential criteria before applying.

Step Three- Gather all your Documentation.

Most applications would like proof of enrolment or acceptance into the post-secondary institution. If they are looking at your grades, they will most likely need a transcript. Others might want references that would speak to your character.

Step Four- Complete the application form.

Fill out the form, whether by email, paper or online. Follow the application instructions and make sure to complete all required information. There might also be an essay you have to write. If they ask you a personal question, provide a good sob story ;).

Step 5- Proofread and submit.

Check for errors, spelling and grammar. Get someone else to proofread as well. You want a flawless application. Make sure to submit the application form and all other documents requested before the deadline!

Step- 6 Start all over again!

Apply for as many scholarships as you can! Many people don't put in the time and effort to apply for scholarships. Hence, if you have all the criteria and submit an application, your chances of getting scholarships are high.

The Female Settler has made searching for scholarships for female newcomers to Canada much more accessible. A little extra time in applying for scholarships goes a long way to funding your education debt full. Put in the effort, and it would repay you handsomely!

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